Linking the first column - item name column

I feel stupid asking this because I’m sure the answer is completely simple, but I am trying to make the item column a linked column so that I can have a high level board where the items are linked to items in all the separate client projects.

Am I missing something? Is that not possible?

This is possible through a different way:

  1. Create new board
  2. Add ‘Link to Item’ column
  3. Select board
  4. Select item(s)

The flaw with this method (This is the only method i’m aware of). Is that you would need to create new items to add the link to item column to. Which results in lots of redundant work imo.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your answer, but I’m trying to make the “Item Name” linked column show up as the first column. As far as I can tell, it seems like if you create a mirror column pulling in the item name from another project, I can’t drag it fully left to be the first column in the project. Does that make sense? I’m sure I’m not explaining clearly.

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I have the same problem, and automations seem to be the only way to do this somewhat comfortably without having to copy and paste everything.

What you could do:

  1. Navigate to your High Level Board
  2. Create one or more status columns that you can rename to “Project” (or anything else) and create faux “statuses” that are just the project names or project data you want to use.
  3. Still in your high level board, use the automation “When Status changes to something, create item in board”. Then you can choose your faux status(es), the item data (name and other columns) to populate other boards with this data, directly from your high level board
  4. Every time you create an item in your high level board, thanks to the statuses, you can assign these new items their projects and have them created automatically in the boards that matter. With the item names intact in the first column.

I hope that was understandable, my english isn’t perfect.

I really have no idea why this functionality works just fine in automations, but does not in the day to day interface of monday itself. Because inside the automations, the item name does get duplicated 1:1 into other boards, even inside the primary item column, while that is not possible with any other methods of board to board item transfer. As far as I am aware at least.

I think I have the same issue as the OP. But the method you suggest doesn’t work as the link to item column can only ever link to one board at a time. If you want the high level board to display info from lots of low-level boards it doesn’t seem possible.

Yes i agree. i know what you’re saying, had the same issue

i then managed to get it to use the automation “when item is created in this board, create item in another board and link them”

this does do what your asking, with putting the item name where it should be… HOWEVER (and this is driving me mad) when we initially press the “new item” button the new item is automatically named “new item” until you go in and change it.

So ALL the copied and linked pulses in the new board will be called “new item” because it copied it before you got a chance to edit the name.

so i don’t know if im doing it wrong but it’s pretty annoying!

Try this -

Try creating a formula column to pull your “Item Name” into. You can then make the new formula column hidden to clean up your board. You can then transfer the contents of this Formula Column to your new board using the automation mentioned above.

This worked for me.

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What a great idea. I’ll try that