Locked Board Filters - How can I get back to toggling them as needed?

I am having an issue with my saved board filters locking so that I can not toggle between saved filters. In my situation, I have one board with all opportunities showing without filters, whereas I duplicated that board and saved a filter to show only “Bid Board” status. Now all boards are showing the same fitlers and I can not toggle between filters. I used to be able to open a board in a new window and that would allow me to toggle for a short time, but as soon as I refreshed, it would filter only to bid board.


Just a little more information. I am using Google Chrome. The entire top row of selections is locked, not allowing me to search, filter etc. I also found that the mobile app allows the filters on each board.

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On this particular issue, I think you might get to the solution quicker by sending the issue to support@monday.com. They can be very helpful as well.


Problem Solved!

Thank you @JCorrell,

I reached out to the support team as you recommended. After a couple of email exchanges I found that clearing my cache fixed the issue. I’m continuing to enjoy my discovery of this powerful software.

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