Looking for a project manager in Monday.com - ongoing

Hi there!

For our independent creative agency Marketing Schmarketing (based in Amsterdam) I’m looking for an allround Monday.com wizard operator. Aka project manager for our creative ideas, jobs and marketing solutions.

8-16 hours a week

Someone who can:

  • Manage clients projects
  • Translate ideas and post-its into tasks
  • Expand integrations with further tooling
  • Optimise and automate workflows
  • Create relevant dashboards for clients
  • Help create new marketing solutions based on monday.com

Please send in your experience, hopes and dreams to vera@marketingschmarketing.nl

x Vera


HI Vera,

My name is Tim Long and I’m a professional Executive Manager and have a large background in remote and on-site project management.

I’ve been around Monday for a short while now and I have a mentor in my network who is a Monday Pro user.

I would like to see if we are possibly a fit for each other to work together.

Let me know if you would be open to some discussion.


Hi Vera,

I am a certified monday professional having 3.5 years of experience on this platform, let me know if you would like to connect and discuss further.


Hey @Vera!

Effective planning, running, and monitoring of projects is possible with a flexible platform like monday .com. Whether you’re on-premise or working remotely, monday .com will keep you and your team connected throughout working hours. Transparency and visibility will be at your fingertips. With monday .com, you can bring all your data into one central hub and create new solutions based on the available information. The flexibility of this platform enables a rapid and dynamic way for your team to manage client requirements.

If you’re looking to create reports and dashboards, hire monday.com consultants from a reputable technology partner. They can effectively automate workflows and create personalized marketing dashboards with ease.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
Phone: +1 609 632 0350 | Email : info@damcogroup.com

I just had to share that I love your company name, @Vera! :sparkling_heart:

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
Gold monday․com Partner
CEO & Principal Consultant, Polished Geek

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I second this! How punchy and fun!