Looking for Advice on Overhauling Business Mgmt, Online, & Operational Systems & integ. Monday

Hi Guys,

I’m looking at overhauling many of the workflow processes within our company, and looking for recommendations on what the best option would be to tie everything together.

Late last year, I purchased a telephone answering service / call center that answers for close to 550 business accounts and has 15-20 remote agents along with 10-15 internal agents. It’s made up of 2 managers, 1 trainer, and 4-5 assistant managers. Pretty much the entire company is antiquated and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, so earlier this year I setup Google Workspace and started integrating Monday.com

What are some of the most popular frameworks, software platforms, etc that you guys have used on the front end to integrate w/ Monday? I’m referring to platforms like Wordpress…Laravel…Joomla…NodeJS…etc? Which web-based framework or platform (fullstack or hosted) would allow me to pipe data to/from Monday.com in the most practical, easy, and cost-effective manner?


  1. Primary/Public Website: Contact Form, Account Setup, Account Update Requests, Employee Application Processing (any other suggestions?)
  2. Employee Intranet or Subdomain of Primary Website: Employee Onboarding (typical new employee forms like w2’s, etc), Employee Training, Employee Performance/Metrics Monitoring
  3. Call Center: The software we use is getting older, and has little if any back end connectivity outside of our 3rd website which handles client message retrieval, on call updates, etc. I know more and more call centers are going to cloud based software solutions. Any that play well w/ Monday that include chat/email support features? I’ve been checking out Genesys, but not sure how well such systems integrate w/ Monday? If there are some good options available, we may need to become a Monday reseller since we have 500+ clients that could potentially benefit :slight_smile:

Hey @jpeezah! sorry this post didn’t get picked up by anybody yet, I think you have a great use-case here.

There is a native Aircall integration for monday.com which I’ve had a few clients use successfully. It’s pretty straightforward to setup, and shows inline contact infor both in aircall and in monday.com.

Regarding general integration tools Make.com is the tool of choice that I use for most cost-effective way for bespoke integrations in and out of monday.com. They have tons of API connections built in which makes many connections very straightforward to setup.

And then if you need more complex/bespoke workflows it has all the functionality to make those happen as well. There are many partner/consultants who utilize make.com for monday.com integrations.

I know this is just a subset of the questions you probably have and if you’d like to discuss in more detail and see if your team could use help getting the most out of monday.com feel free to book an initial free consult here: Calendly - Tim Little