Looking for someone to create mirror column through API versus the native design

Looking for ability to show guest subscribers the data within a column in a separate board because we don’t want to give them access to the main board. Mirroring doesn’t work because they have to have access to the main (donor) board. Feels like you can do this through integromat but setting it up isn’t something we have time to figure out.

Hi @synergy, Michael,

If this can be done all depends on how you envision the linkage to the boards. I do have an app that creates and maintains relationships between boards but what I need to understand for your use case how the items in both (donor) and (guest) boards are linked.

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They aren’t linked currently. I’m envisioning more of a watch the donor board and push the update to the guest board as the donor is updated. The guest board will be a paired down version of the donor board, basically we are letting a certain client see where someone is in the workflow from a high level without overwhelming them and we don’t want the other clients to see data that’s not theirs. You can’t give permissions via item or groups yet so you have to share entire boards. I know I can do this via Zapier but it’s a little messy and cumbersome. Looking for cleaner.

Understood (I hope :slight_smile:). If the guste board is view only (no update) with a limited number of columns you can easily created a new view, limit the columns you want to show and share it as a viewable board through a link.

At this moment there is indeed no option to limit items and/or groups but I know monday.com is working on that (although it might be an Enterprise functionality).

Hi Michelle,

I use the boards to share project progress with my clients and encountered the same issue.

Simple fix I used: I made the external board (the board I use with clients) my main board, and mirrored the columns into my internal board (the board I use with my staff). I then gave my staff access to the external board, which allowed them to see all mirrored the columns in the internal board.

Let me know if you want me to send you a video of what I’ve done and how. It’s a quick and easy fix.

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