Looking for way to manage progress invoices and change orders

We are trying to develop a way to track progress invoicing and change orders within Monday. I am looking for examples that f anyone has something setup like this. TIA

Hi there!

This can be totally done! the below link shows you some examples within our PM solution that was custom built in Work OS.

You can also do this via the in product automations if the use case allows. This would take some conversation to understand this better. Please reach out if you want to talk!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hey Scott,

There are a couple of ways to go about this!

If you’re intersted in utilising an app from our marketplace (which might offer the smoothest experience), you can utilise the superform app that supports connect boards columns in forms… this way you can select the item you’re requesting a change about in the form and submit the request.

If you aren’t looking to explore apps, you can certainly utilise our automations feature. An option could be to set up a button column, i.e. ‘request change’ column on the project board. Upon clicking the button, this could create an item in another board (the change requests board) and connect to it, while mapping all the relevant fields and having additional columns to indicate the requested change. For example, mapping the existing dates through the automation and having another column that can be filled manually to indicate the new dates. This way, because the items are connected, you can easily access the change request from the project board (through the connected boards column or an item page with a connected boards widget) and input the necessary fields…

Hope these ideas help :blush: