Main difference between Works Management and Monday Project

Hello community
Could anyone please address me to the right place where I can find information about the differences (main) between Workspace and Monday Project? Perhaps a comparison table?


Hi Ana Maria, I really hope someone from Monday or an expert will weigh in because it needs to be clarified. I’m running Work OS under Enterprise, and I have a trial version of Monday Project using a different account. I cannot see any difference other than a template that appears to be unique to Monday Project (Multi-project), but there’s nothing in that template that you can’t build in Work OS.

I opened a trial for Monday Project because I wanted to see if dependency relationships could be customized (FS, SF, SS, FF), but so far, I doesn’t seem to be possible. I hope this helps.

Thanks Michael. In fact, we arrived at similar conclusion after several tests. Not sure if this differentiation is related to pricing plans or so.

Many thanks and have a good day ahead!

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Ah, ok. Thanks for confirming, saved me from additional testing.