"get an item" modules returning inconsistent data

Hey folks!

Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar behavior recently, or has any suggestions for reconciling this. I’m guessing it has something to do with the “mondayDB API” update that I received a notification about last week, even though that announcement contained this reassuring language:

No-code integrations like Zapier or Make – These integration providers are updating their connectors. In the coming weeks, they will send you communication on what changes you’ll need to make in your workflow.

The problem
Existing “get an item” modules seem to have stopped returning mirror column data.

Current workaround
It seems like simply adding a new “get an item” module to the scenario will return the complete mappable column data, like the old module used to. However, this is labor intensive for complex scenarios, as any subsequent modules that referenced the old "get an item’ module need to be updated.

Attaching screenshots of the output for an existing “get an item” module and a newly added one. Both are getting info for the same test item. Notice that the old one doesn’t return anything for the column mirror38, whereas the new one does. It is doing the same for other mirror columns, and I have other scenarios experiencing the same problem.

It’s really disrupting our work, saving incomplete records and stopping automations.

Any ideas?