Make weekly reports

Using as a CRM, does anyone have any suggestions to generate a weekly report from making notes in updates for each customer visited with or interacted with, etc.?

I did make a report in my dashbaord for updates but there is no way to set specific dates for a report, it just dumps all updates into the dashboard.

I know a ton of folks are using it as a CRM, any great ideas would be much appreciated!

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Hey @LBR, welcome to the community, and good question! I’d love to hear how other people have set up their CRMs in terms of reporting as well.

Have you already tried out using The Board Updates Widget to track updates across your boards? From there you can filter the widget by date, so that only dates within a certain range are shown:

What do you think? I’d love to hear if this idea helps.

Thanks, I did try this widget. Only problem is I cant get it to work. I set up a column in my board to put the date of update and it does not filter by date. The filter doesn’t seem to work???