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I would like to use to manage a series of tasks, which are generated by incoming emails. Essentially the email creates an enquiry, and then that enquiry has to be managed through various stages of its lifecycle (e.g. enquiry, to quote, quoted, accepted, action needed, action complete…). Ideally i’d like to use a gantt to view these but since its an ever evolving list of tasks the way that the tasks are viewed can’t be tied to a specific date set and would be better viewed through a set timeframe which starts from the point at which the enquiry comes in.

I can’t see how to make this view a reality with the current gantt option since it seems to be tied to actual dates?

Also, it would make sense to move the tasks into different groups depending upon their stage in the lifecycle, but for this to make sense the date column needs to be different in each group to reflect the stage (i.e in the ‘enquiry’ group the column would be labelled ‘date received’, yet in the ‘quoted’ group the same column would be better labelled as ‘date quoted’). Is this at all possible?

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Hi @Techknickers :wave:

upstream can help. You’re right about needing the timeline column for the gantt view to make sense of it, so there are a couple of options.

First thing that springs to mind is custom dev work to build you exactly the view you want, but I feel like we should be able to find an efficient and scalable workaround if we pull apart the requirement and really take a good look at it.

Lets sit together half an hour and unfold your requirement to see if we can’t work something out.

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