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We want to move our events tracking to MDC. Currently we have a board with all of the potential attendees (like a CRM board), a board with the events, and an RSVP board. I need a way for an account manager to go to the attendees board and select who should be invited to the event and then copy those attendees to the RSVP board. This process needs to be very simple so selecting, duplicating and moving the attendees to the RSVP board is not an option. There could be hundreds of attendees from each vendor, so mirroring the attendees board to the events board isn’t an option. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could accomplish this task?

Hi @terriewhisenant - one option could be to use a button or status column and when changed, it would create a new item in the RVSP board and connect it back to the Potential Attendees board. If you also had some sort of identifier in the Attendees board you could use the matching automation to connect it to the associated event from the Events board (like a text column). You can select all the attendees at once and use the button to trigger the event for all at once.

Basically, you would have the button in the Attendees board, with the associated event in a text column (this is used to match in the Events board)

When the button is clicked it fires the following automation:

In the RSVP board, there is an automation that runs to match the event:

This fills in the Event column based on the event name entered in the attendee board:

As its a two-way connection you can see all the RSVPs from the Event Board:

It’s not perfect but may be a possible solution for you.


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I would be inclined to agree with @mark.anley’s suggesting of using a Button or Status change here to trigger an automation.
As he mentioned, it isn’t a perfect solution but does sound like the most simple solution here for minimal admin work.

Could this be an option for you?
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If not, I’d love to know a little more about how you’d like this to work so we can continue to assist here!



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