Master project list and sub items

I’m trying to create a master projects template which will be used for acquisitions. the idea is that as time goes on, the team will think of new items to add to the subitems of the master project list and this can be used for new acquisitions when they start (by duplicating the master and renaming to that acquisition). the issue is that we have multiple acquisition projects open and it will become a pain to add a new sub-item manually to each open project, especially if those projects are being managed by different members of the team. security isnt really an issue as all team members should be able to see all open projects across the team but this manual process will be timely and error prone. i’m looking for a way that if a sub-item is added to a project on 1 board, it copies the same subitem to another board. i’ve tried subitem template and thats good but not fit for purpose - it adds all older subitems once applied leading to duplicates so not an elegant solution.

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Hi @elroy86!

I’d check out this article: Master Board vs Multi-board mirroring. Differences & use cases

Pedro is good at going through each step here. I’m also happy to chat with you if this doesn’t work out and I can show you how we handle our master project template. Let me know!