Merge Duplicate People

This feature would be for any company that, for whatever reason, may have found themselves in a situation where a person using their Monday account has been added as a user more than once.

I am requesting this feature because this happened to us. There were two user profiles for the same person because they somehow got added with their maiden name, got married and changed their name and when someone went to assign something to them, their new name wasn’t listed, so they invited this person using their new married name. That made it so that some items were getting assigned to the maiden name profile and some items were getting assigned to the married name profile.

Once we realized this, we looked for a feature that might allow us to take both profiles and merge them into one person so that anything each profile had to do with was all in one place. I spoke to a support pro at Monday who assured me that this feature does not yet exist. She showed me how to go about manually reassigning everything, which we will tediously accomplish, knowing it’s our only option, but this is what causes me to suggest a “Merge Duplicate People” feature here today. Hope to see it on the list of coming update. Thanks!!