"Merging" people into a single column

I am wondering if it’s possible to have the following automation.

I am making a series of boards for internal tracking of projects and I would like to pull the users that are in three different “people” columns on the “awarded projects” board into a single “people” column on a separate “submittals” board.

The items that are being created on the “submittals” board are new items that are triggered by another automation and they are NOT the same items that would exist on the “awarded projects” board.

So my example scenario is:

When project “ABC Warehouse” is moved to the “Awarded Projects” board an automation will also create an item named “ABC Warehouse” on the “submittals” board.

“ABC Warehouse” has three columns of people that would consist of internal users: Quoter, Contact A, Contact B.

When the “submittal” item is created I would like Quoter, Contact A and Contact B to all be listed in a single “Team” column that exists on the “submittal” board.

For a visual aide, I would like this from the “Awarded Projects” board (imagine these are people, not dropdowns):

…to become this on the “submittals” board:

Any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated.

Hi @Boom929 !

Although monday does have a “Teams” feature, I do not believe it is currently possible to use it in the way you want to.

You would have to use something like Make.com to achieve what you want. Let me know if you want any help in this matter.

-Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com