Microsoft Teams integration permission

My company has a 3rd party company handle cyber security and they are the admin for Microsoft teams. I had them take control of my screen and put in their admin info to link the integration. After I set up the integration automation I got notice that the integration has stopped working, due to lack of permission.

I am seeing if I can get the cyber security company to join the board as a guest, and if that would help? I am doubtful that our company will let anyone have MS teams admin permission. Does this mean this integration wont work?

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I would strongly suggest reading the following guide if you have not already done so, most likely you will find the answer to your problem there.

Microsoft Teams Integration Guide

Most likely it is this part that interests you.

You would need to allow the integration from your MS Teams Account.

Let me know if this helps!
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hello @GiannisKoukounas Yes I read that and its a little vague concerning the steps I have taken. I had the account admin for Teams (does not have a monday account) take over my screen and approve integrations through his teams account. But I still get deactivated.

Hm, I admittedly am not especially familiar with how the Microsoft Teams Integration works. If you have done everything according to the guide and still are not seeing any results, I would suggest contacting monday support here so they can further assist you.