Mind Map way of working


We are using Mind Map a lot to identify Scope / Areas / Actions to be taken…
and then we need to retype it all in monday.com to make it happen - assign to someone, ect…

Is there anyway we could have a mind map “view” and have items added into the main table?
That would be great!

Hi @Nadege, welcome to our community!

Yes indeed-- at this time you can absolutely create a custom board view with the same mind mapping capabilities you had envisioned.

However, do keep in mind that this means you will need some degree of technical knowledge or access to a technical team to build out this custom view app.

To get started, I would recommend checking out some of our getting started resources on building view apps with the monday.com apps framework:

Check these out and let me know if this is what you’re looking for!

Thanks Helen

I was suggesting this as a new defaulted view option (same as Kanban view is already part of Monday.com, I would have loved a MindMap view) :blush:

But I will definitely also provide your great links (I had a look and they are definitely too technical for me) to my technical colleagues for them to see how they can maybe help me out

Have a good one,
Kind Regards,

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@Nadege there is a 3rd party mind map tool that does this currently. It’s beta but it works pretty well. Search for it in the app marketplace? I think it is by Thought Flow?

Hi, thanks for your suggestion, i have had a look at some apps on the markerplace, but could not find what you refered you, i unsuccessfully searched for “map, mind, thoughts,…” can you please point me to the correct direction? thanks again

@Nadege, odd, I just checked and couldn’t see it either!
I originally found it here:

Hope that helps!

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Hi @weareborg, @Nadege,

I believe the app you’re referring to is part of the Miro app: monday.com: Apps Marketplace!

Hi @weareborg , yes something like Mind Mapping in Monday.com - Create Mindmaps, Turn Nodes into Pulses is what i am after… needs further developement, but that is a good start. thanks for retrieving and sharing the link :slight_smile:
@Helen i had tried Miro but was not able to create any item in monday from it. Did I miss something?

Hi @Nadege!

Hmm so this Miro app was actually built by the Miro team. It doesn’t look like you’re able to create new items, only boards.

I would definitely recommend emailing the Miro team at api@miro.com and support@miro.com for more information!

Hey @Nadege .
I’m the developer of this mindmapping app. We are working with the monday.com team to get this as an official app on the marketplace.

Can you tell me what further development would you like to see in the app?

Hi Kranthi

Great you re joining here and offering to capture further requirements! That is welcome and much appreciated.

as per orginally post i would ideally want to be able to get the mind map items have

  1. allocated persons
  2. created as an item in the MAIN TABLE
    then, may the name or people updated on the MAIN TABLE, the mind map to reflect this update - and vise versa (may the mind map be updated, the MAIN TABLE should reflect it) :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I look forward to hearing from you,

Thanks for the suggestions @Nadege . Will add this to our roadmap and work towards making it possible :+1:

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That would be awesome,
looking forward to it :slight_smile:
have a good one!

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