Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group

Hello, what is the status on being able to mirror COMPLETE boards. I keeps seeing comments for mirroring or connecting a column, but I want 1 board that when updated feeds EVERYTHING into another board. Thanks!


Is there an update here that I’ve missed? Seems dangerous when cost / time tracking to not have mirrored groups automatically select any new items added by team members. Thanks!

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@Viewport An update from at least the users’ perspective is that we’re now closing in on TWO YEARS since the first post in this request to have the critical mirror column actually function that way most people need it to. The original request states the problem and the need perfectly:

@AronK @danaaviv the last update from February 2021 was “we will release it in the upcoming months​:pray:t2:”. Can you please update with a more specific ETA for this? Thank you.


We need this feature ASAP, users cannot connect massive pulses to another choosing one by one…


Hi all,

There is this Rollup Multiple Boards (RMB) app (see marketplace) that does this (and a lot more). Basically it let you create boards (I call them down-level boards) based on a monday.com template and link that entire board (so all items) to an item in the high-level board. If an item is created in such a down-level board the app will know about that. The app also has filtering capabilities to filter just a subset of the items in the down-level boards. This filtering is based on a dropdown column.

Based on these (always in sync) relationships that app aggregates data from these down-level board with its own integration recipes. Just like a multi-item mirror column the aggregated value shows the sum of a number, or the average etc. Or the % of tasks with status done. These recipe eliminate the need for a mirror column.

The app can be adapted to make sure a connect_boards column is always update when something changes on a down-level board. From that point forward you can choose to either user the internal RMB recipes or the monday.com mirror capabilities by pointing the mirror to the connect_boards column.

Let me know if there is any interest is this addition to the existing RMB app.

Hi! Thanks for the ping. At the moment we do not have an ETA (we are actively looking into support for this, however) for when this functionality will be available. I have passed along the request for an update and let the product team know that this is still a pressing concern and highly sought after feature request for our users. As I have any updates I’ll be sure to circle back and share.

Agree - this is a definite need. It’s not practical to select one by one. When I met with our dedicated account manager yesterday, I also asked about mirroring the entire row, including the first column (item name) and the suggestion was made that I manually type the item name again to match what’s coming over in the mirrored column. That defeats the purpose.

It’s still not ideal but another workaround I’ve tested:

  1. Set up a two-way connection between your high-level and poject board
  2. Connect first task on project to item on high-level board
  3. Set Item Deafult Values to the setting of the first task in step 2.
  4. Now any new items are added to the items in the connected column on high-level board

You can then hide the connected column on project board as it’s just the same entry for each task.

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Lol Monday.com is a joke. Once again, this platform is missing basic, intuitive functionality.

Nearly 2 1/2 years since this was requested. We’re done waiting.

See you all on Asana.

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Still waiting on this, would be an incredibly useful feature.

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Hello @danaaviv, please make this a feature. Should be simple.

Items in different boards reflect each other no matter which board the update/change happens.


Hi @AronK. Can you please update on this topic and if there’s an ETA on this core platform functionality? It’s been 5 months since your prior reply and well over two years since this request was first submitted. My team and many others REALLY need this. The connect boards / mirror columns are still not truly functional.

This request ranks 7th in terms of current total votes and should really be combined with the #6 most-voted - About the Link & Mirror function. Together they have over 180 votes and would be in pole position for the most requested feature (functionality fix). There are multiple other mirror column requests, e.g.:
Unable to sort or filter by mirrored columns
I can't use mirrored columns in automations anymore

Please provide an update on overall plans and timeline for making the mirror column achieve its full functionality. Thank you!


Yes yes. Agreed here. From the perspective of someone who is evaluating Monday.com for clients, they’ve set expectations in their marketing that just doesn’t seem viable without an additional layer of constant, manual supervision.

I kept thinking I must be missing something obvious until I found this thread.


This is by far my biggest struggle in Monday right now. I am hoping this is in the works! While not new to Monday.com, I am new to the community page…is there a more formal way I can throw my support behind this ?

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Hi @Julia-monday.com how are you, about this topic…
How difficult could be to ease this connections making this changes?

I thinks this whole post resumes to this image.


Can someone from Monday.com provide an update on this issue? When is this happening?


Monday! Wake Up!

We your customers need this.

I have done IT work for 30 years. I realize this is a hard ask from a programing / database view point, so much code can break. But give us a beta version to test or at least acknowledgement of this issue!

I have installed and evaluated thousands of pieces of software in my life. The reason I pay you every month is because you have the best project management software available! Please don’t make me reevaluate my decision and search for something better for my customers and myself! I don’t think I will currently find anything better. However if your software can’t meet my customers needs then I am forced to move them to a different platform! Please listen when we tell you we need a feature, if you don’t we will leave!!!



Hi, this is a must-have in order to work with many elements.
Please include this as a top priority in your develpment plan.


I really need this functionality - trying to convince my business to upgrader to enterprise will be impossible without it!

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We are in the midst of a decision to move our whole enterprise from Asana to Monday but this is essential to achieving full enterprise efficiency.

Any update please? Over two years with no outcome of such a basic feature that is must have for so many. This worries me…