Mirror of Mirror Columns for Gannt + Workload Views

Is there any plan to allow Mirror column to feed both the Workload and Gannt views? In my opinion, the lack of this feature keeps high level boards from being truly functional, as until those two widgets can feed from linked data, there will always need to be a level of manual data replication which is not only time consuming, it allows room for error and inaccuracy.

Ok, maybe I could be a little more explicit. I have a number of projects (low level boards) per client, which all feed into a roll-up (high level board) made of mirrored columns from those projects. However, I also need to develop a roll-up of roll-ups “highest” level board.

While I can build that highest level board and populate it with data from the client-by-client rollups, none of the other views will populate with data (ie Gannt, Workload). The issue seems to be mirrors of mirrors. That second level of mirroring doesn’t worth with any additional views or dashboard widgets. Is there an intent to fix this?