Mirror status is aggregate of status from multiple item - Mirror Automation based on ALL mirror status being something

I have 2 boards. The 2nd board has a mirror status that could have multiple items from board 1 linked to it. The Mirror Status on board 2 reflects the aggregate status of those selected items. would be great to have a way in automations to distinguish when ALL mirror status are something, change the Board 2 Status to something. Right now the if mirror status changes to something automation triggers even if just 1 of the items status changes, not all of them. Would even be nice to specific if a specific # or % of a mirror status is something, then change the status

My team has the same issue! We’d like to create an automation that is based on the percentage status of the mirror status column. We have many products in a single order that can have different statuses (ready, paused, waiting for something), but we want to be able to trigger an overall order status change when all the pieces are completed. Currently we have to manually change the order status when we visually check to see that the pieces are ready.