Mirrored column values not loading in the destination unless the origin linked boards are visited

We have timesheet boards for a bunch of employees in one workspace, and Job Entry boards in another workspace.

The values of hours worked from the timesheets are mirrored in the Job Entry boards, and their wages are calculated in the Job Entry board.

Whenever we open Monday, all the links and formulas in the Job Entry boards show errors because the mirrored column values show up blank/empty. To fix that, we have to go to every timesheet manually and open it, which I’m assuming fixes it because of the way Monday fetches data into the browser tab’s memory.

Is there a way around this? Does anyone else face this issue? I’ve tried it on Chrome, Edge, and even the Monday windows app.

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Hi @ankit

I’m having a similar issue with dashboard widgets that feed on formula columns, especially those within subitems. Initially, the dashboard appears as if there is no data, but when you go to each board and check it out, it seems like it’s doing a refresh, and then everything seems ok.

I’m curious to find out if it’s related to your observation, as it would not be ideal for each user to open each board to make the widget works.

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Hey @ankit and @nguz, thanks for posting about this, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with the mirrored and formula columns! I would recommend writing to support@monday.com so that we can offer more tailored troubleshooting there. In general monday.com is optimized for Google Chrome. :slight_smile:

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Same issue here.

Tried to mirror a fórmula column. Everything work 'till a day the won’t. A blue “N/A” appeared and nothink works anymore.

Just opened all linked boards but no response.

Hi @lindosl,

Thanks for posting this, and I’m sorry you’re having issues with these columns.
We’d love to look into this further, so I wonder if you would be able to pop us an email over to support@monday.com?

If you can include a screenshot or short screen recording of the issue it’ll be hugely helpful to let us jump right in!


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I’m getting support through the team. They were very fast.

Here are some screenshots:

Hitting F5 once or twice helps load the data

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Thanks so much for this!

I can see our team is working on this with you :slight_smile:

Could you try re-establishing the connection by going through the following steps? If one does not work, move on to the next:

  • Unselect each of the items and then select them again
  • Disconnect the board from the connect boards column and then reconnect it
  • Delete the connect boards + mirror columns and recreate them

Let us know if this resolves the issue!



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Hi Dani,

The suggestion didn’t have an effect when your team already made me try this a while ago after I contacted support. Unless actual progress has been made on the developper side for this bug since June 2021, I wouldn’t recommend fellow users waste time doing this as I expect you’re following text-book guidance by telling us to disconnect-reconnect all links.

The only solution we found together in the meantime was refreshing the page when the problem happens so that the engine fetches the data again. And that works.

Thanks for the support Dani,

Just like Marc1, I already tried this solution some time ago. The board goes back to work immediately, but within a few hours the same error occurs.

Sometimes refreshing the page is enough to solve it. However, this generates some instability in the usability of the resource.

I would also like to point out that the “Produção Bruta” column is a formula that takes information from mirror collumns. I don’t know if this is the problem.

I agree with Marc1, I think it’s a problem for the devs to solve. But if you want to invest from our workspace, we are willing to cooperate.


@lindosl I too think the formulas using mirrored columns is the problem. I also think for us it might have something to do with those mirrors coming from subitems in other boards
For us no amounts of refreshes will fix the problem because our formulas are being calculated from mirrors coming from 10 different boards’ subitems, making it even more complicated.
When I started this thread we had to manually visit each of those 10 boards to have Monday fetch values from all of them.

Our current fix is making a dashboard connecting all the 10 boards, making any random graph from the subitem values, and whenever we can’t see the values or we see errors, we open the dashboard which loads up all the boards.

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I too think the formulas using mirrored columns is the problem.

My boards have loads of mirrors and formulas processing them too. The Monday team I had contact with and investigated this told me that the problem resides on the data engine dying at some point before the mirrored data is fetched, which is why hitting F5 helps as is reinitiates its activity.
Formulas are a symptom, not the cause of the problem.

Good idea.

It makes perfect sense.

I have a board that has partially the same problem. When I open it, it has all derived fields in error. When I scroll the screen to the right and the column that originates the data becomes visible and the data loads, the board finishes loading.

To me, I think a solution that sounds pretty simple would be to allow mirror columns to serve as connecting columns. I don’t know it would be simple to implement.

Since I’m not sure I’m being clear because of the language, let me try to explain it better. Imagine the following scenario:

Columns A
Columns B

Column C - Connection Column - Connects to board 1

Column D - Connection Column - Connects to board 2
Column E - Mirror Column - Refers to Column C

Scenario 1

  • I want to create an column F on board 3.
  • It is a mirror column that refers to Column A.

Today I cannot perform this action.

Scenario 2

What do I do to make this work:

  • I create a G column, on board 2.
  • It is a mirror column that refers to the data in Column A
  • I create an H column, on board 3.
  • It is a mirror column that refers to the data of Column G, which refers to column A.
  • Now column A, with the related data, is on my board 3.

Hi @ankit @Marc1 @lindosl

This is a known issue I have submitted to the with the monday developers about 3-4 months ago. It’s a timing issue when mirroring formula columns and is in the backlog to be resolved. When…who knows, but I did my best to push on the issues this is causing for numerous clients.


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Same here. We are a big corporation and know the dev team is working on this.

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Hi @ankit @Marc1 @lindosl :wave:

As mentioned, our developers are aware of this current behavior and are working on further improvements as we add support to our mirroring/multi-board mirroring capabilities.

In the future, for any behavior you feel may be unexpected please reach out to support@monday.com and our Bug Buster team will be happy to help troubleshoot with you and your team accordingly :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much @jennap

Just two last comments:

  • I don’t use information derived from sub-items as seems to be the @ankit problem.

  • I managed to force monday to show me the values using the following method:

  1. Open the board to which the data is pulled.
  2. I went to the connection column in that board resulting from the bidirectional connection.
  3. I opened the connected item.
  4. I pressed the button on right . In Portuguese it is something like “open element”. It is signaled by two diagonally moving away arrows. This opens a summary of the item from the other frame. Here I can already see the information.
  5. I open the “open chat” button in the upper right corner. By clicking on it monday redirects me to the child board that was not loading. But now all information is visible.

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