Mirrored status not adjustable on mobile or recognised


We are using a lot of mirrored status columns and we are only using tablets in our company.
Currently is not possible to select and/or change the mirrored column. And as @hlopezvc mentioned,
On the computer or in general monday does not recognise a mirrored status as status.
Therefor automations and other actions you would like to do to an item are not possible.

Is this something you are aware of? Are there plans of looking in to this?

Thank you for all the hard work in these difficult times :wink:


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Hi @Sotiris! Mirrored columns are viewable on mobile, but they are not fully supported for other actions quite yet.

Are you referring to them not being recognized as a status column specifically within automations? If so, then this is something that we are aware of and hoping to roll out later in 2020 :slight_smile:

Hi melissa,
on mobile the mirror function is simply only visible as text, no colours or clickable features.
We are a resin production company and the people in the casting room need to know whats next to cast.
They need:
-The reference project (first red square on screenshot)
-to change the status ( middle square)
-acces the collor code and the dropbox link for the files and info

On the first image you can see the difference between desktop and mobile.

On desktop you can
-click on the linked project and get a really nice overview
-change the mirrored status
-click and change the mirrored color
-click and use the mirrored dropbox link

on mobile none of the above are possible, only viewing.



Automations would be really nice (and a must have) as a future feature for mirroring columns.
But for now it would be great if the mobile/Tablet version could do what the desktop also can do…

Any thoughts on this?

Will you be introducing functionality to the mirrored columns on mobile?

Hey @Sotiris & @jenpark - our team is working on continued improvements to the Mirror Column, but I don’t have a timeline available to share for additional functionality on mobile. We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us so we have a better understanding of our users’ needs! :heart:

thanks @melissav-monday.com for your update. Can’t wait to use the mirrored columns on mobile. :slight_smile:

Yup this is a must. crazy how you can use mirror on desktop and then on mobile can’t click or use nothing. very silly they got to fix this ASAP i got people in the field and i can’t build out my work flow.

thank you