Moncli - client for Python

Good morning community,

We at Trix Solutions are happy to announce the Beta release of our newly-developed / Python client package, moncli . As users of, we created this package to develop custom processes for managing and using our business data. We are releasing this package as Open Source, for we feel a great potential for use by the development community as a whole.

Documentation and code examples can be found at the following link (here). Any bugs reported or feedback would be greatly appreciated and should be submitted as an issue on the Github repository. Thank you very much and happy coding!


Hey Andrew :wave:

Wow, that’s really cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I’m sure a ton of folks on the community will find a lot of use for this.


I only have a question, when I trying to get the items, i want the id’s, but I’m getting something like: [<moncli.entities.item.Item object at 0x000001F38B4B5950>], how can I work with that?

Hello Danya,

Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for getting back to you so late.

What you are seeing is Python’s object view when you print the object to the console. You can access the properties of the item (which are the same as the API) using simple dot notation (ex.,, etc).

I am close to wrapping up a minor beta release that addresses this issue by giving every object a repr function, which enables the printing of string content in the console. I will let the community know when this is available.

Thank you, and I wish you all the best,


Hi Andrew
Thank you very much for this package. It is very flexible and comprehensive as well as being straightforward to use. We’re using it to implement an in-house reporting application that is suited to the board interface and I’ve plans to use it to leverage a board as an alerts delivery and management tool for one of our user dashboards.

You saved me a lot of work!

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Hello everyone.
I would like to know if anyone has developed a solution with the Moncli library and has a specific opinion on performance, efficiency or response time, because we are thinking of using it for various developments. We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you

Hello Andrew Shatz
i am using
from moncli import MondayClient
client = MondayClient(user_name=user_name, api_key_v1=apiKey, api_key_v2=apiKey)
board = client.get_board(name=board_name)

this is giving me this error
(‘{“query”: “query { boards (ids:[12345678], limit:1) { id, name, board_folder_id, board_kind, description, items { id }, owner { id }, permissions, pos, state } }”, “variables”: null}’, 200, [{‘message’: “Field ‘items’ doesn’t exist on type ‘Board’”, ‘locations’: [{‘line’: 1, ‘column’: 98}], ‘path’: [‘query’, ‘boards’, ‘items’], ‘extensions’: {‘code’: ‘undefinedField’, ‘typeName’: ‘Board’, ‘fieldName’: ‘items’}}, {‘message’: “Field ‘pos’ doesn’t exist on type ‘Board’”, ‘locations’: [{‘line’: 1, ‘column’: 139}], ‘path’: [‘query’, ‘boards’, ‘pos’], ‘extensions’: {‘code’: ‘undefinedField’, ‘typeName’: ‘Board’, ‘fieldName’: ‘pos’}}])

how i can resolve this issue ?

Hello there @charansai,

I am not sure about Moncli since it was not developed by us, but it looks like that query is using the old (deprecated) boards → items structure.

When now, items_page is necessary, as shown here :grin:

I hope that helps!