Answers: what are "actions" & how are they counted?

You’ve probably heard the word “action” in relation to Automations and Integrations, but what exactly is an “action”? We often receive questions about actions, so I wanted to write a quick post to provide some insight.

What is an action?
Every automation and integration recipe has a trigger and an action (or multiple actions). For example: “When a Status changes to Done, delete the item”

In this case, the trigger is “When a Status changes to Done”. The action is “delete the item”. So, every time that an item is deleted, one action is used. If you were to change the status to Done three times, three items would be deleted and that would count as three actions used.

How are actions counted?
I think the example under the previous question can give some insight into how we count actions. Just know that every account has an action limit-- one for Automations and one for Integrations. When an integration or automation runs, at least one action is used.

Custom automations with multiple actions can use up a lot of your allotment. For example, let’s say I created a custom automation that said: “When Status changes to Done move item to Group and assign Cassandra as Point Person and set Second Status to Ready.”

That has three actions! So, every time a Status changes to Done on my board, three actions will be used.

Something to keep in mind!

How to add more
The only way to add more actions to your account limit is to upgrade your account. You can learn more about how many actions are allotted per plan level on our Pricing Page.