for change management

Change management forms are recorded in the below register.

  • Automatically generated sequential CMF numbers
  • Completion date tracked
  • Quality manager automatically assigned to new CMFs

Automations for register:

Individual tasks for each change management form are shown in the below task list.

  • CMF register is referenced
  • Attachment (original CMF form) pulled from Register.
  • Individual action owners assigned to each task.

Automations for task list:

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Nice! I :heart: the use of the link and mirror column to see the CMF that the tasks relate to! I don’t see anything in the mirror column though - what would be showing here? Would love to hear a bit more context on how these boards fit into your business. What do you guys do and what kind of changes would be requested?

Ah yes, that would be because I’ve duplicated the board to post the screenshot, to keep all of our top secret development plans secret. :wink:

Normally you would see a link to the attachment (word document or pdf) of the original change form. Example below:

Generally this is for changes to our products, formula changes, packaging changes, process changes etc. We are a business that makes plant based household cleaning and personal care products.

At this point it’s in its early stages, but I’ve found that it doesn’t take long to get something off the ground that looks sort of like what you’re after, and then you can finesse from there.

We have lots of other ways that I’ve found Monday works well:

  • General Tasks
  • Project Groups
  • Onboarding and training (for which we borrowed a fantastic template on
  • Registers

We are currently working on:

  • Environmental Action Reporting
  • New Product Development (Stage and Gate)

In the future I would also like to look into implementing:

  • Contractor Management
  • Safety Reporting

I just recognized your photo - the excellent onboarding template we used was yours! Haha.

(FYI There was a small typo in the “trainee” column heading :slight_smile: )