Form, Capturing Signature and putting in PDF

The other option is that the ‘card’ view is helpful for us. However, can I export this view to a PDF?

Great! I have downloaded the app, but my signatures are showing a spinning wheel. IS this expected?

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I’m seeing the same thing, and that wheel is what is showing on the PDF version too.

Hi again Bianca,

Sorry to chase - we are running a petition so really need to present our sigantures via PDF (there are hundreds!), so it’s important to be able to download! The Submission Viewer App is looking good, just except for the spinning wheel where the signature should be. Let us know if this can be fixed??

I’ve also noticed that any new item added to the board is also added to the submission viewer. So, it won’t just show items added through a form, it also shows items that were added to the board manually. It would be nice if the submission viewer only showed form submissions.

I cant seem to locate this app, are you able to provide a link please?

Hey Katie and community!

My sincerest apologies, I somehow did not receive notifications for this thread.

I have immediately flagged this with our team internally, as I can reproduce this behaviour. The team has confirmed that they’re aware of the issue and are working on addressing it. I cannot confirm a fix timeline but do know they are aware and working towards improving this feature whilst it is currently in beta.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in advance :pray:

Hi @samjtaylor, this is the app, you can find it when searching for board views:

Screen Shot 2024-04-08 at 4.41.50 pm

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience with me!

I have been informed that the team have made some fixes over night and they kindly ask if you can perform a hard refresh and test the app once again for us? I am no longer experiencing continuous loading on my end :pray:

Hi Bianca, I’ve been experiencing the same issues as everyone else. The continuous loading issue on the Submission Viewer is fixed (or at least it’s working after waiting a few minutes and/or refreshing multiple times) however i’m unable to export to PDF. When selecting export/save as pdf nothing happens, export/save as image is working fine but nothing whatsoever when selecting save as PDF.

Update: I’ve just realised export to PDF does work when using a browser, however it isn’t working when using the windows desktop app.