& Google Calendar 2 ways sync

Hey community,
I’m trying to set up a 2-way integration between & Google Calendar via
My main challenge is that I’m stuck in kind of a loop.
I created 2 scenarios:

  1. Triggers when the date column is changed on monday > update the event on GG calendar
  2. Triggers when the event is changed on GG calendar > update the new date on

The issue is that each scenario triggers the second one.
Any suggestions on how to overcome it?
Thank you!

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Hi Hezi,

There are a couple of potential approaches here. However, I’m a little confused.

Surely the second run wouldn’t cause an actual update, since it would already be set to the date that it was set to when the first scenario was triggered.


  1. Manual date change on => Make syncs to Gcal
  2. Gcal date change => Make scenario runs/sets date but no date change (therefore no trigger)

So why is it being triggered in a loop?

Hey, the first scenario ends when the event on GG calendar is changed.
Once the event is changed, there is a scenario to update the date on (as the user can update the date on the calendar as well).
So the second scenario ends when the date is changed. Then, it triggers the first scenario and go on.

Hello @Hezibo !

I am also not sure what the loop is.

Let’s say you update the time on GC. The 1st scenario triggers to update monday. Then the 2nd scenario triggers to change the time o GC, however that time has already been updated to be the same as on monday, so the loop should end there.

The same goes in the opposite case. Are we missing something? If so, perhaps you can include on your scenarios a value/trigger only on the first cycle of the loop?

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

The thing is that even it’s the same time, the event on the calendar is still “changed”.
So it triggers the second scenario.

Actually I kind of solved the loop but it turned our that I have a more complex issue involving dependencies.
Thank you for your support anyway.

Hi Hezi, I am with zzBots. If your still running into any looping issues, zzBots has an advanced loop prevention that should make so zzBots won’t loop with itself when you create/modify an item or event.

I’ve created a Bot Pack with some instructions to make it simple to install and if you need any help, feel free to chat us on our website.

Here is the link to the Bot Pack:

We had the exact same issue you are describing and events just kept making themselves one after the other, it was difficult to stop! I don’t know why everyone is gas-lighting you, it’s a real problem and you’ve explained it perfectly. We ended up just getting rid of the idea altogether and just using Google Calendar exclusively, especially since certain events required certain people only, but they would show up on everyone’s calendar, making it look like they were invited. Google Calendar is more versatile, anyway.

Thank you Kennedy.
I believe it’s possible to solve it but requires robust setup.

Take care :slight_smile:

Hi @Hezibo @kennedy

Just knocked up a simple integration to demo this. The results I found were that a properly configured two-way Datetime sync should not trigger a loop. Here is the demo:

Of course I could be missing something about your requirements.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m always available to help, so please feel free to reach out.

Thank you Francis
I did try to create the scenario in a different way, your seems better I’d say.
I believe that my scenario was more complex as I was using the timeline column with dependencies.

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I have been struggling with this loop as well. Thanks for posting.

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