Monday Won't Work with Ipad Air IOS Version 12.5.5

Ipad Air – It has the lastest IOS update available for this ipad, which is version 12.5.5

I am not sure which app version of Monday I tried to install but It said that it was not the latest available, however, the latest available to this IOS version.

I am currently logged-in to the wifi I used for everything at Home and I keep on getting this message:

Can anyone help?

Hey @art :wave:

At this time, iOS 14 is the earliest version we support for version 4.47 of the app and above. The iPhone 6s is also the oldest device we support at the moment.

From my understanding, this is due to regulations from the app store and not, so we do not have a say in what older versions still get to be supported as we roll out new versions.

You can download an older version of the app that still supports the version you are on, but otherwise, you will need to be on a device that supports the new iOS versions to use the new mobile app versions.

While I do get why this would be a bit irk-some, I hope this helps to clarify!


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