Move all items to another group on the 1st of each month

The way our billing is structured, we have a system that flows from estimate approvals to invoice logging on Monday. These estimates get pushed to a “Jobs Billed” group when invoices are paid.

Is there any way to create an automation where this group can be cleared out on the 1st of each month and moved to another group so we can accurately see our monthly accounts receivables?

hi @davidmarmon

Welcome to the community. I don’t think there is a recipe for this use case. I’ve tried a custom recipe with no luck either. Looks like you have to do this though Integromat, Zapier or a custom developed app.

You can do that with the Duplicates and Uniques app which you can add to your board here.

The process involves the following steps.
1 step

  • Choose the group to move from

2nd Step

  • Choose any column. Doesn’t really matter for this scenario

3rd Step

  • Choose ‘Any’ option

4th Step

  • Choose the ‘Move’ option and the group to move the items to.
    NB: At this moment, if you want to move to a group in another board, you can only move the item name

Last step.

  • Save settings as a Template and add the template to your board to run as an integration.
  • For the integration, choose the “At this schedule, run this template” option

That’s it. At the selected time of every month, the items will be moved from the origin group to the destination group in Step 4.

Here is a demo of the app in action and a community post here that describes the app in further details. If you have any question, you can reach us at