Using automation to move items from one board to another every month?

One of the reasons we are using a tool like is for detailed reporting on every task our team performs in a given month.

To accomplish this, I’ve created a board where all items marked as Done get moved.

Every month, I export that board to Excel (it would be awesome if there were options that included charts in PDF, but oh well). Then I want to clear that board and move those items to a final Archive board where all of our past work is stored.

I thought I could use a “on this recurring date do this” automation, but it has almost no functionality. Is there a way to automate moving all items from one board to another on a recurrinng schedule?

One way to use recurring dates as automations is to create a separate board with a trigger item. Have this item change a status once per month (by using a date as a trigger and then pushing that date by one month each time it’s reached, while also changing a status). Have the items on your main board link to this by default and then you can use the prebuilt automation recipes to use the mirrored status as a trigger. (You may need to chain this with another status change in order to use a wider range of automations for the final effect).

Additionally, you should be able to export dashboards, charts as a PDF. I wonder why that’s not working…

As a final thought, while the above is possible, I’d suggest that you probably don’t need to be moving all of these items around. It’s healthier from a data perspective to use a status column to mark these different states and then filter that data out. Moving all of these items around will just create additional issues when you want to report on past data or make comparisons. It’s only really necessary when you are hitting board limits for items or connections.