Move Item in Kanban

I have been trying to work more out of my Kanban view and so far have been enjoying it.
However, I have been recently getting this bug where if I hit the elipses typically used to move items and I select move it just opens the main table.
Sometimes, it works but when it doesn’t it is really frustrating. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hey Jack,

This sounds a little strange and I can’t seem to recreate this behaviour.

Can you try testing this behaviour in an incognito window?

Still a problem. Seems like a bug or something because it just lags and then goes over to the main table. I have to close and re open the page 3-4 times before I can do this task.

Yes this indeed sounds like a bug - sorry about this Jack! Would you be happy to send me a private message with a screen-recording of this behaviour (if possible!)?