Moving tables in a board

It seems to not be possible to rearrange the tables at the top of a board. We like to use the filter function to quickly look through our data at the top with saved views, giving us 7 to 9 tables at a time with more coming in the future. But if we were to add a new table, we cannot arrange it alpabethical, which is an inconvenient. Any chance of tables becoming movable in the future?

Hi @IBEXAnke and welcome to the community!

By tables, I assume you mean the individual group containing items? As there is no feature today to sort groups you are able to drag and drop the groups manually. While not ideal, the best way to do this is by collapsing all groups and moving them around.

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I made a little test board to show more clearly what I mean. :slight_smile:
At the top I have table 1 - table 3 - table 2.
I would like to be able to move table 2 next to table 1.


I see now, you are speaking of board views. At this time, you cannot reorder views. However, each user can favorite views to have them closer to the left.


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