Multiple email addresses in a single email

Is there a way to email multiple people in a single outbound email. We have updates that go out via automation however we have customers that want people CC’d in. I see lots of posts from a while ago saying this can’t be done yet but this feature request has to be at least 3 years old now. Are we any closer to getting this function?

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I came here looking for this information too.

There is an increment that serves both Outlook Integration 17 and Gmail Integration 14 where you can define multiple emails in a Text Column 30 separated by “;” and the email will be sent to each of those emails separately


Choose the Email (column) 42option from the resulting menu and then choose a text column.

You can define the values (the email addresses) of the Text column as follows: " ; "

The integration will send an email to both &!

However, this only works when sending out emails and does not work when receiving emails to the updates section of an item.

I hope this is the answer you are looking for.

Hi Jerome, This didn’t work for me because when I set up the automation, my only choice is to send an email to Email (with Email giving a drop-down that includes me, email (column), team member, people (column), board subscribers, team, or guest). None of the drop-down options allow me to choose the text column.

Hi @jenngym / @jcjgomez
So the method you have highlighted doesn’t send 1 email to 2 people, it sends 2 separate emails. This is no use as it just starts 2 separate chains.
I have managed to work around this using power automate to send the emails, based off of an email sent out of monday. Its an insane amount of effort for something that should be a standard for any communication system but it works for now.
@jenngym happy to run through what I’ve created if you want more information. Just drop me a message.