My app doesn't install a workspace template boards


I want to share my workspace template with other users by creating Monday app. I followed this tutorial but after installing the app in a different Monday account I don’t see anything added to the workspace. And I did add a board to app Features.

I installed the app using Shareable URL because it’s still not available in the Marketplace or approved by review team. My app id is: 10100567


Hello there @josipbernat,

To see the workspace template in the other account:

  1. The workspace template feature should have a “category” in the feature’s configuration. If it does not have a category, create a new minor version, add the category, promote the new version to live and then go to the other account and refresh the browser. If it already has a category, create a new minor version anyway and promote it to live.
  2. Go to the other account where the app is installed and click on the “+” button and then on “add from templates”.
  3. Look for the name of the feature (not the name of the app, but the name of the workspace template feature)
  4. If you can not find it, try looking in the category that you added

Let me know how that goes!


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Hi Matias,

This was very helpful! Now I have a question regarding updates.
Let’s say that I create a workspace template feature in app version v1.0.0 with Board1 and Board2 boards.
Then in v1.1 I add new Board3 to this workspace template and I add an extra column to Board2.

Will those changes be automatically visible or user needs to do something manually?

The boards from a template are severed from the template once deployed. Changes to the template workspace do not affect boards already created from the template. @Matias.Monday will need to provide guidance on how to update deployed boards - which as far as I know is not a simple “update” of the board but redeploying from scratch and migrating items or manually recreating the changes on the existing boards. I could be wrong on that though.

But this does bring up a big gotcha. Deployments of the template are performed by copying the workspace contents from your account at the time of deployment. This means ANY changes you make in that workspace at ANY time will be reflected when someone deploys the template - even if you do not release a new version.

Adding Board3 to the workspace that was used for v1.0.0 - means Board3 gets deployed even without releasing v1.1.0. Rename a board, or column, change automations, etc. and those changes immediately start getting used in deployments by users of the app. This means work in progress starts getting deployed! You need to create a new workspace for any changes to the template.

For minor versions, you can remove the old workspace once the new version is live. However, for major versions you need to keep the old workspace around indefinitely - as users that fail to update their app still need it. You also don’t want to update that legacy major release workspace with new integrations or board/item views since they won’t exist in the old app version and will fail to deploy.

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Thanks Cody for a detailed explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @codyfrisch !

That is exactly right :grin:

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