MY WORK / MULTIPLE VIEWS (MY WORK section 1, MY WORK section 2, ETC)

I would like to have simultaneaus multiple views available on MY WORK, just as we have for boards.
One view for one kind of filters, another view for other kind of filters, and so one.

In fact, this would be like to have a lot of “My Work” displays available at same time.

Some of us in our company need to follow multiple services at same time, and it gets a little messy to have all of them mixed at one, and it is not pratical to have to go to each board individually to check dates by week (or getting a dasboard for this).

is this possible?

@Marlene ,

I have a very similar request for the My Work view (Ability to Save a view on My Work )

Managers use the my work view to see multiple employees at once, but would still like to see their own my work view. Being able to customize further like you mentioned with filters would also be really helpful.

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Hi Marlene,

I would suggest you have a look on Kanbanify app.

I allows you to connect multiple boards in one single Kanban view.

You can use filters to have the view you need (my tasks, my teams tasks, critical tasksk etc…) and you can add as many Kanbanify widgets as you need in one Dahsboard. You can also create a separate Kanbanify view (as many as you would like based on the views you need).

Hope that helps,

Kind regards,