Ability to Save a view on My Work

One use case that we have for this feature is we run a daily stand up off of the my work view with one of the teams. We select the team so it shows everyone’s work and we have to make sure the right date column is selected (in this case it is the timeline column. We also use the my work for our individual view, so it requires us almost daily to change all of the my work settings manually. It would be great to save a view to the my work tab that we can come back to.

Feel free to comment your use cases and don’t forget to vote!

This would be so helpful for my whole team.

Since we can’t select more than one status and date column to display in My Work at the same time, we can’t actually see all of our work on My Work at one time.

This would at least allow people to toggle between two different status types (in our case it’s Writer or Editor) in My Work instead of only seeing half of what’s assigned to us.

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