My Work - only awful for me?

HELP! I’ve never been more frustrated in my life… I’m a project manager for a smaller company so there’s absolutely no way i’m the only one having these issues. When “My Work”'s beta version rolled out I jumped on it before my team would have the opportunity to so I could get adjusted, as I’m known as the go-to for support. It has great potential but the bugs are excruciating… I fought back and forth with their customer service team back in July and they promised me that the issues would be resolved before it fully rolled out. I work 50-60 hour weeks so I didn’t have time to argue anymore so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

It just rolled out for my team and it’s JUST as bad as it was before. Absolutely nothing has changed from the beta version… and here we are again trying to get customer service to do ANYTHING and they give me the run-around. It’s insanely frustrating. When “my work” isn’t functioning properly how am I or anyone on my team supposed to know what items they need to do each day??? I currently can’t do my job and I’ve spent the last 12 hours shifting around my boards to try to get them to work with “my work” including deleting all of my templates because they count towards the item limit…

Suggestions/Issues (that I’ve already given back in July and again today)

  • As a project manager I plan projects 6-12 months in advance. The thought that we only have 500 assignments is insane. We have 100 assignments per week on average. There should be an option to NOT show the “future items” and “items without a date” and have them not count towards our item limit. And yes, before you ask I DO have it checked off to hide all completed items.
  • The customizations purely aren’t working… multiple boards aren’t showing up under “Boards” (and no they’re not under hidden boards). And those boards that ARE showing up only populate some of the assignments into my task list… there are multiple items missing. How am I supposed to have this as my and my team’s task list if it’s unreliable? Not only that but every time I open a new monday board the “Boards” list under customizations changes so my entire “My Work” shifts around and shows me different assignments…
  • After deleting a lot of my templates and clearing out the “items without a date” so that I could see my actual assignments my “My Week” is now only showing 250 assignments and claiming that it’s at its limit… WHY

HOW on this green earth did this get launched with this many bugs??? is 100% unusable for my team and I. The last thing I need added to my plate is to transition to a new project management software. So if anyone’s gotten this far PLEASE for the love of all things good… please share some tips :sob:

In the case that anyone stumbles upon this post in their own frustration with “My Work” I seem to have had a breakthrough with a solution.

This definitely isn’t the most advanced solution, although, I prefer to keep things on the simple side of things!

I went through all of my setup project templates and removed everyone assigned to them, that way they’re not showing up under “without a date” - when I use the templates I’ll just have to reassign.

Solution: Create an “Upcoming” status and update the settings so that the Upcoming status sets all assignments with that status as done. Update all upcoming projects/assignments as “Upcoming” so that those assignments aren’t pulling into My Work. Create an automation/trigger/assignment for your coordinator, project manager, etc. for about 1 month out depending on the project, for that person to remove all of the “Upcoming” statuses so that they then populate into everyone’s My Work.

Hope this helps someone else!

Kelly I am having some of the same frustrations as you. We have due and past due tasks that just don’t show up under my work for some reason.

Hi Dylan, we have been having the same issues. I created workarounds that don’t end up working because your completed tasks apparently count towards your item limits. I’ve been going back and forth with support all week trying to figure something out. They even increased our item limit and it’s still not enough.

The only thing that has worked for now is creating a My Week dashboard widget and working off of that list. If they can’t fix this by Friday I’ll be holding demos with Asana and Wrike, which is super disappointing. Hopefully they can figure something out!

I also have these problems with the new »my work« feature. Some of my tasks aren’t showing up. Gladly »my week« is still working: [my-company]

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Yep- We are leaving Monday because of this.
How on earth can task management software, specifically designed for tasks, limit you to 750 items??? I mean what the hell, you can’t see any more tasks after that? So what are we supposed to do, remember all the ones that can’t make the list? It renders the software completely useless.
My mind is actually serioulsy blown!

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I found the error why some tasks didn’t show up in My Work but on the old My Week. I had to add a new person column in those missing projects and assign me again. So there seems to be a bug in some of the persons column.

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Wow, I’m new to and that’s really good to know! I’ve just checked out, and I don’t understand why they did replace this feature with My Work. It looks much more productive with the My Week view!

Thanks for sharing that tip. We’ve been dealing with the My Work / missing pulses bug for more than a year, with dozens of email exchanges to Monday Support. They have never offered a solution, but your suggestion worked.