Need an expert for an intricate Time Sheet Tracking For Employees

Hi all,

Please help me come up with a very intricate Time Tracking Sheet that our team needs to use.

We are a team of 50 people with different roles ( Designers, Developers, Account, Project Manager) and we share the same projects (multiple projects) every single day.
Sometimes, a new project is created and so we need to put that in the time sheet and open to those people who will be working in that project for time tracking.
Projects life cycle could be weeks, months…
I don’t see any used-cased in monday that is as complicated as ours.

Please help.


Hi @TJ_S - I would be more than happy to discuss this topic with you further. Time tracking in Monday can be a bit tricky depending on your needs so a deeper dive into what your specific requirements are is likely a good starting point.

If you would like to meet for a complementary session to start please message me at and also check us out online to learn more about the awesome work that we do!

Looking forward to the discussion!


Hi @TJ_S

thanks for reaching out! I would be happy to sit down and discuss your usecase and work to set up the timetracking board you are looking for. I have helped other clients with time tracking, and allocation projections in the past and would be very interested to hear more of the intricate details of your process.

If you are interested you can book a free session to discuss your use-case here: Calendly - Tim Little

feel free to email me with any additional information as well:


I used the Harvest integration temporarily and test rollout with individualized boards for staff clocking hours. The balance of what needs to be accomplished (keeping legacy spreadsheet in gsheets) is a two way sync from to the g-sheets that contain job information. I am discussing this with our in-house team and would be happy to share a framework for you to quote with a professional. We are a Architectural and design firm with varying projects lengths and 20 full time employees.

Not to divert from your request — the somewhat simple challenge I am having , is preventing having someone mark a task as done unless hours and job column have values in them.

Hi @TJ_S

Are you currently tracking time in Monday or are you using an external app? I would love to have a chat to see if we can help!

I’ve specialised in for 3 years now and absolutely love the software! I also have background in management and projects allowing me to streamline processes for my clients with ease! On my team I also have another Monday specialist, project manager and a developer/Zapier expert, so you will never have to wait for answers.

I offer a complimentary initial meeting you can book here: Calendly - Elena Korolkova (Kick Consulting)

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kick consulting

Hey @TJ_S!

You have gotten some great people reaching out offering to help you. I would however advice to wait with hiring anyone. We at Omnitas are currently developing a dedicated Time Reporting app that will solve all your needs! The app should be available within 2-3 weeks for the public. But Id be happy to sign you up for the early beta list and set up a time to walk you through how the app will work as soon as we have a working beta.



Will this integrate with the time tracking column? I’d be really interested if your app will solve this issue.


I am much interested to discuss this project requirement with you further. I have worked on similar concept before and can assist you with this.

Kindly connect and share more details with me []

Looking forward to discuss soon !


The time reporting app will not utilize the time tracking column. It’s feature is way to limited for Enterprise level time sheet and time reporting.

The app is catered to companies that want to have special time reporting module where they can select client, project and activity and report hours against specific days in just a few clicks.

The time reporting column is for simpler use cases where time is reported on individual task or deliverable.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reaching out.

I would love to try the beta soon. What do you need from me to sign me up? And what does require? Is it going to be a paid app in Monday marketplace?

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Looking forward to see the app!

I just had a session with our developers today. The app is working perfectly. We just need to add a few more features and clean up the UI and it should be possible to get a preview of it :slight_smile:

Please stay tuned, almost done!


Perfect! Please keep me posted! Thanks!

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Thomas, I’m very interested in this solution and would be happy to become a beta tester. We have been using Harvest and monday (we are monday partner) to manage a team of 60 consultants and we are currently building a lot of boards to try to stop using harvest.
Please keep me posted.


Hi Thomas,

Any updates on this? :wink:

I am sorry to keep you waiting. We are very close to being able to share beta access.
If all goes as planned we should be able to get an beta install link by next week!

Please stay tuned, it will be worth the wait!


@TJ_S @Cait @Gabo @tomek
Time Reporting App release preview! :star2:

It’s time to proudly present our newly developed app for, Time Reporting App!
We will be hosting a preview webinar on May 5 and 6, where we will walk you through the features, additional views and use cases of the app. You don’t want to miss this!

With Time report App for, you will be able to replace services such as Harvest and toggl, and manage all of your time reporting within your account.

It has never been easier for you to report time against clients, projects and tasks in one place. All inside of without needing any 3rd party services or integrations.

Register today and save your seat :raised_hands:

Link for registrations;

May 5, 12 PM (CET) :point_down:

May 6, 6 PM (CET) :point_down:


Already registered
See you on may 6th!

Can you post information about it here after the webinars?

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