Need to obtain % Complete for Entire Project Relative to Task Size/Duration

Is there a way to weight tasks based on level of effort or timeline and then utilize that information and a custom percent complete column to get an idea of total project percent complete?

Hi @austinhardypmp !

Welcome to the community! There is a formula column that you can create that will automatically calculate the percentage that should be done based on a timeline. Check out this formula:

IF(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline 2#Start}) < 0,0,IF(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline 2#Start}) > DAYS({Timeline 2#End},{Timeline 2#Start}),100,ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline 2#Start}),DAYS({Timeline 2#End},{Timeline 2#Start})),100),0)))

You would just have to replace the {Timeline 2#Start} and {Timeline 2#End} with the correct fields on your board. (Sorry you will have to scroll to the right, it’s fairly long)

Hi Jai-Lynn,

Thanks so much for helping me get the ball rolling on this. The formula you gave yields results if the timeline spans more than 1 day but I get an error if it is a one day task. Also, it seems this is indicating how much of the task SHOULD be done, which is something I already can obtain from the black area of the timeline itself. What I am looking for is a way to tell what the cumulative % complete is for the entire project based on the individual weighting of each item combined with how much of each item is complete. For example, I have 3 tasks in a project with 2 tasks taking 10 days total and the third task itself taking 10 days. If the 3rd task is done but the first 2 are not started, the % complete would be 50%. Make sense? Thank you!!!