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I did not find how to have a view where I can see the progression bar in a Gantt or a simple timeline view. For example, in the Gantt, I did not find a way to, instead of the status, simply show the progression of the task. The goal would be to have something like this :

This allows to see quickly if we are late or not : if the progression bar is before the current day, the task is late.

Can you please help me to achieve this ? As the progression is already there, it should be possible to simply show it in the diagram with a timeline I guess.

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Hi Arsenalol1Y,

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While you cannot show the progression of a timeline within the Timeline View or Gantt View, what you can do instead is use a formula column to help show how far you are in your timeline via a percentage.

For this formula, anytime before the timeline starts is marked as 0, and anything after the timeline ends is marked as 100. Items with no set timeline will have a blank formula cell. The percentage symbol can be added via the column summary:

Here is the formula I used within this screenshot:

IF(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start}), DAYS({Timeline#End}, {Timeline#Start})), 100)>100, 100, IF(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start}), DAYS({Timeline#End}, {Timeline#Start})), 100)<0, 0, IF(AND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start}), DAYS({Timeline#End}, {Timeline#Start})), 100)>0, MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start}), DAYS({Timeline#End}, {Timeline#Start})), 100)<100), ROUNDUP(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE(DAYS(TODAY(),{Timeline#Start}), DAYS({Timeline#End}, {Timeline#Start})), 100),1), “”)))

You may also find some helpful information in one of our formula support articles:

I hope this helps!


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