Need to Print Timeline

I’m currently using a few project management tools in free mode, testing them out. I really need to be able to print my task list and a timeline. Exporting is clunky and requires the extra steps of formatting it again in excel. If I wanted to do that I would stay in excel :wink:.
My boss wants a hard copy. Am I missing how I can do this?

Hi @sreilly
Right now, we don’t have the option to print the timeline, only to export to Excel. However, we are working on this feature so stay tuned for more updates soon!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your reply.

That might be a deal breaker :frowning:

Have a great weekend.

Hey, I know you are looking for a printed version (I am here too because my boss wants one) however I am considering creating a timeline view of the info I want the boss to see on a Board and then sharing that view with him as a url… maybe this might work for you to?

I also really need to print a timeline and didn’t even consider that I would not be able to when I signed up with I read that you are working on this feature. When do you think it may be ready?

I could definitely use a nice calendar print option for my projects! how’s that feature coming along?

Indeed, it will be a great help if we can export the Timeline view to a picture.

We also really need this feature as our timeline is constantly updated so we need to export it multiple times to coordinate with consultants.
We’ve tried the ‘export to excel’ feature but it doesn’t look professional enough.
It would also be good if we could customize the scale of the timeline view (to show each day rather than groups of days).

This is a huge request as I cannot use it in its current form. Thanks for considering.

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Chiming in! This feature is essential for the sort of work I do. We are required to update our client with a timeline every week.

Also looking for a timeline print option please!

Here’s another option while waiting for the feature to be built in, in case it’s helpful. I downloaded a Chrome extension called GoFullPage that will screencapture the entire webpage you’re looking at (not just what’s visible on screen).

I captured the entirety of my sprints/backlog in one image, then cropped out the edges of the screen and slapped it on a nice branded letterhead. This worked for me.