Need training to set up Monday for my business


I need some training to get set up on

I run a small residential building business in Australia and would prefer a trainer who is broadly familiar with my industry.

I want to use the software for tracking tasks, materials, timelines etc.

I have made a start but I’m out of my depth.

Thank you,

Hi Bill, we’ve worked with property management companies in the past. Our team in Australia is not up to speed on yet, but most of our clients are in the Pacific time zone in North America. If you don’t find someone locally and want to have an intro call please feel free to reach out to me We love training people on Thank you and best of luck! – Jenna

Hi Jenna,

That sounds good.

Can you let me know how your service works and your fee structure?


Bill Arwas
Northern Building & Carpentry Pty Ltd
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Hi Bill, @NorthernBuilding

Welcome to the community. We are based in Australia and have worked with many organisation on residential and commercial building businesses.
Would love to meet with you to explore further what you have setup and assist you with training and finalising your workflow setup with
Feel free to book a complimentary meeting here

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Alex Robinson

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Hi Bill @NorthernBuilding

Welcome to the community! We have a vast experience with construction and manufacturing companies and Located on the east coast of Australia. We would love to see how we can help you. You can book a complimentary 1-hour scoping call via this link.

Kick Consulting

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