New and improved version of "Emails & Activities"

Hi Olga,
My team has been using the email and activities on a daily basis. I sent feedback numerous times as well.

Better Composer
-Having the email pop out in a small window is okay but add an option for and not the default. I would prefer it to stay like it was. The small window with no fullscreen is tiny on my monitor. Many members on my team think the same as well.

Very Important ~Attachments~

  • I have asked in every feedback form for this feature. The way attachments work in it current form, limits us from automating all of our processes. Having a link will confuse many clients/businesses we work with. The link that does appear from AWS below the bottom of the email signature needs to move to the top of the email. ( this would solve most of our issues as depending of the size of monitor or display someone is using they may not even see it below the signature)
    Loom video for explanation

Send Email Button
-With the old email and activities it was one click to send an email and now there is a dropdown to then click email. Would be nice for the option to favorite email templates on the dropdown menu. As a custom activity. Would make it really simple for my team to send templated emails.

Default CC
-Would be nice if there was a default CC email section. Ideally allow me to add it to the templates and save it.

-Would be nice if email templates could be shared like board templates internally.



I’ve already shared similar comments with monday’s product team as listed above. One of the things I didn’t see anyone mention is how the small composer window now blocks you from scrolling through the information in the column data as you compose your email (or even better, being able to edit column data while you are composing).

I’m finding at times that to see or update relevant column data while I’m writing an email, I have to open the same item again in a separate browser tab. Everything else is now frozen and grayed out while I write an email in E&A, which is much less efficient.

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
Certified monday․com Partner
CEO & Principal Consultant, Polished Geek


A few questions:

  1. Is there a way to share templates? I figured when I created and saved a template it would show up for other members of the board, but it did not. I don’t want to have all our users have to manually create the templates themselves. Yes, they can copy/paste, but that’s still time consuming and error prone.

  2. Is there a way to use custom HTML? If we have a beautifully formatted email, is there a way to use it? (backgrounds, images, etc)

  3. Is there a way to email multiple records at the same time instead of going into each row’s conversations panel one at a time?

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@Olga any ideas on a roadmap or release date regarding support for more than just G-Mail & Outlook? We would love to use the Emails & Activities but can’t as we do not habe G-Mail or Outlook as a email host…

thank you for your feedback! we have added this highly requested feature to our roadmap but unfortunately I am unable to provide you with the ETA on when this is gonna be released.

I just want to point out that if you’d like to use Emails&Activities, Google has a tool that allows to migrate your email hosting to them - Migrate email with the data migration service - Google Workspace Admin Help

Hey @Olga,

One thing my team and I would love to see is if the email’s ‘from’ when sent with Emails&Activities could appear the same as when directly sent from my email client.

When I use Gmail to directly email I appear as “Johnny Morse”, but when I use Emails&Activities I come through as johnny@{} in Outlook or just Johnny in Gmail. Is this something Emails&Activities can resolve?

Additionally, reply emails sent within Emails&Activities don’t come through with subject lines “Re:”. It would also be great if the reply subject line was editable.


Are there any folks here who would be happy to provide me with some (paid) advice on how to make the most of the Emails & Activities app, how to integrate it within our existing CRM setup, and how to make the most of the automations? I’m a bit overwhelmed. Reached out to Monday support but I think I need something more tailored.