New Dashboard Hub!

Have you heard about the new :boom: Dashboard Hub App :boom:?

The Dashboard Hub App is a new third-party app, that acts as a central hub for teams to analyse, collaborate, and share business data! The app offers pre-built dashboard templates curated especially for Marketing, Sales, Development, and Product Management teams.

Say hello to:

:star: Enhanced dashboard visualisation with ready-to-go templates

:star: Extensive customisation features with a multitude of metrics and custom data displays

:star: Improved share-ability of boards through shareable links

:star: A centralised space for ALL your data, across ALL products

For more information check out the links below:

What do you think! Will you be trying it out?!

This is strange. I don’t believe I have ever seen monday promote a 3rd party app in its own post making it look native? Is there a relationship with this developer or is this a new movement by monday?

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Hey @mark.anley,

Great question and apologies for the lack of clarity surrounding promotion of apps.

This is a new movement that monday is taking on to help users access solutions that aren’t available natively while also encouraging maximisation of the benefits that monday products offer. We are promoting the apps based on the solution it provides. In communication moving forward, we will ensure we include ‘3rd party’, which is also highlighted on the app page.

You’re welcome to reach out if you have any further questions :pray:

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Thanks @BiancaT - The way that it is approached is misleading. I thought this was new native functionality as its posted under the new features category. I would recommend moving this to a different category to separate the promotion of 3rd party apps from new native functionality.



Agreed, very misleading. Why is this tagged “new feature”?

We hear you and appreciate your feedback @mark.anley and @Dly215 :pray: The post has been updated accordingly and noted for future app posts. We have taken this with our team internally.