Newbee. Create Todos? Where and how?

New to However, I have worked with Gantt before. Please have patience.
A Task creates often Todos. I need to make simple Todos for my self and others. Is there any place/view to put simple todos that can be sent to a member? Todos should have a field with Due Date and status. I have seen the word Tickets somewhere…

The question is simple but the answers I get will tell me how works so for me it is a important question.

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I would recommend creating a board specifically for to-do tasks.
You can use The Date Column to assign a due date, and The People Column to assign the team member responsible for this to-do.

Once you’ve done this, you can then utilise the My Work feature.
This feature is a great way to see everything you and your team need to accomplish in a convenient, easy-to-use space. It works by showcasing all tasks across your account that have been assigned to you.
This means each team member will see a list of all the tasks they’ve been assigned to, in order of the date they need to be completed.

For your to-do board, you might like to check out this template: Daily team tasks

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



You confirm what I thought. Very good. I made a new section in the list with the name ToDos. They are shown in Cards together with the other tasks that have a start- and end date.
“My Work” I presume is when I filter out everybody except my self? (Everything is translated to Swedish so I can’t find the English My Work…)

Daily team tasks is new to me and it looks very interesting. We are in a learning phase right now and will certainly use it as we get more used to the software.


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