"Next due item" option in date column roll up

I’m trying to use Monday.com as a shared todo list, with Items representing a project, and subitems representing the various bits of work within a project. What I want to be able to do at the Item level, is to see the next outstanding Subitem Due date (i.e. where status isn’t Done).

Currently we have the following options for a subitem date roll up: Earliest, Latest, Earliest to Latest. None of these are useful because I’m not interested in the Due date of a subitem that is already completed.

Could we add an additional option to a Subitem Date roll up column; e.g. “Earliest due”, where it shows the next incomplete due date of a sub item?

Hi @desg

Unfortunately that is not possible with out-of-the-box automations. There is an app called Rollup Subitems in the marketplace that could help out here as the app supports filtering on the subitems to take into account. The filtering is based on a dropdown box (not a status) but that can be easily solved with an automation to set a dropdown box when a status changes.

Thanks though I realise this isn’t possible, hence I’m requesting it :slightly_smiling_face:. I’d rather not pay for a hacky workaround, as this does seem like pretty standard functionality for a todo list. Hopefully a Monday.com dev sees this!

hi @desg

All good. I would not call professionally designed, maintained and supported apps “hacky workarounds” but I leave that one to you.

By hacky I was referring to needing another field, plus an automation, in addition to the add in. Apologies if I caused offence. Just seems like an inelegant (and not free) solution to a fairly standard problem.