Not deletable link to another board

I have three different Boards, Product, Backlog, Sprint.

  • In my Product-Board I have my Epics and Features.
  • The Backlog-Board is holding all my Tasks.
  • And the Sprint-Board has for every iteration a separate group with a set of Tasks which are moved from the Backlog.

To keep track of the status of my Tasks, I created a two-way link column between my Backlog-Board and Product-Board and the same for my Sprint-Board and Product-Board. If I create now a new pulse (let’s call it A) inside of the Backlog-Board and select a certain pulse (let’s call it B) on my Product-Board, pulse B on the Product-Boards get’s a link to Pulse A from the Backlog-Board. To this point, everything is fine and working. If I move now Pulse A to my Sprint-Board, the linkage on pulse A still exists, but on my Product-Board pulse A is still referenced to the Product<->Backlog Linkage Column and I’m not able to remove it. What I expected was a shift from the Product<->Backlog Linkage Column to the Product-Sprint Linkage Collumn.



Sprint-Board after Items are moved:

Product-Board after Items are moved:

My goal ist to keep track of a certain pulse accross different lower order boards (by moving) in a higher order board. I don’t know it is possible, but that’s the plan.

Has nobody an idea why on my Product-Board the link to Backlog column is not updated? The only way for now to remove non existing links is to remove the complete column and recreate it.