Notifications from updates because I created the automation


Our team uses an automation that creates (duplicates) a pulse to a client board from a hub when we change a status on the hub board. Until recently the automation couldn’t send the files as well, so I used the external tool Integromat. Monday changed, and I was able to send the files via Monday in the same automation.

However, now I receive notifications for all of the items created by this automation on the client board and I can only think it’s because I created the automation. I am not even the one who changes the status to duplicate the items to the client board. This didn’t happen prior to the file management change.

Can this be solved?

please post the recipe for the automation. I am thinking that updating the wording, even creating a custom recipe that is more specific will eliminate this problem.

Thanks for the response @Amanda115. Here’s a screenshot. It is a custom recipe. It can’t be to do with the wording because like I mentioned it used to work fine with zero notifications for me and the only change I made was that the ‘create an item’ section of the recipe now includes the files.

Can i see a screenshot of all the automations on that board?
Another thing to check:
in the bottom left of the screen click you log in logo, select my profile, notifications, expand In Monday. maybe an update to changed these preferences?

I’ve unticked the ‘Writes an update on an Item I’m subscribed to’ but that’s not ideal. I shouldn’t be subscribed to the item at all.
It’s not that board that’s sending me the notification. It’s coming from the board the new duplicated item is created on. And that only has three automation setups. None of them subscribe me to the item.

And you can see below the activity log for the item. The only thing I’m responsible for is the file upload, which actually happens as part of the automation - not actually me.
Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 17.02.53

can you send me a picture of the automations on the board the items are duplicated onto?
also is it possible to see what the notifications look like?

That is the automations from the board the items are duplicated onto. Just those three.

Im sorry im stumped, i would contact support. They are great!

Me too :sweat_smile: It has to be because of the file, but it shouldn’t occur.

I agree, if there isnt a notification filter for when a file is added, so then it shouldnt generate a notification when 1 is. perhaps a feature they need to add is a general under settings check for for send a notification if a file is attached to something i am subscribed to.

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Hello @backpackentrepreneur
I have, if not the same issue, a similar case. I’m responsible of implemenet this tool in the Teams, and therefore I help them to create, define, and set the boards, layouts, #automations and notifications.
I reported 1 month ago that I was receiving #bell-notification for every new item created even not being member of the board.
The reply from Monday’s support was that as I’m the creator of the notification I receive EVERY update. And they only have solution (more customizable options) if you mean to email notifications, but not the bell. The 80% of my notifications are completelly unuseful because of this parameter.