NOTIFY - Add Subtask in notifying when next task is ready to work

I attempted to set up an automation once a dependency is moved to Complete, that it would send notification to assignee that the next subitem task is ready for work.

However, the automation only covers TASK, not subitem tasks. This means the notification will be rather vague when certain team members really care about their subitem.

Can we please add “Subitem Name” into this notification box?


Hey Amanda,

If I am understanding correctly, you should be able to include the subitem name in the notification field:

Is this not appearing for you?

It doesnt show up for me

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Hey Tom!

Can you please share a screenshot of the automation recipe for me? :pray:

sure… its a different automation but still needed… also… PLEASE allow ups to make these windows re sizeable …

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Thanks for getting back to me Tom! From your screenshot I can see you integrating Slack into the recipe, which explains why the option to include the subitem is not appearing, as it isn’t currently supported. I apologise for the setback here!!