Notify someone when there are two status requirements

I’m looking for an automation that is something like…

when status changes to something and another status is something else, notify someone

For example when status A is “New Request” and status B is “Marketing”, notify someone or a team.

Does this exist or is there a work around?

That does not currently exist.

You could try creating a 3rd status C. Then create the following automations:

  • When status A changes to something and status B is something else, change status C to “Notify”
  • When status C changes to “Notify”, notify someone

One issue with this method is that the notification can only occur once for each item. This could be mitigated/eliminated using other automations but the details would be dependent on your specific use case.

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Hey @destinygozero, thanks for posting about this! I would agree with @JCorrell’s suggestions to use two automations in combination with each other so that a third status triggers the notification.

Could you elaborate a bit on what you’d like the notification to say? Why do both of these statuses have to be “New Request” and “Marketing” to notify someone/a team? I’d love to learn more about your concrete workflow to make some more suggestions here :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. I’m relatively new, so I’m open to suggestions…there’s likely a better way to do what I’m trying to do.
So status A column is like new request, approved, in process, need attention, done, etc. The other status column (B) is a type of change request like new account, pilot to routine account, account item increase, etc. Depending on the TYPE of change request, different teams need to be notified. So when status A is approved, depending on status B (TYPE of change) the applicable team needs notified…like maybe status A is approved and status B is new account a sales team will get notified, but if it is status A approved and status B is account item increase a customer support team will get notified.
Does that help/make sense?

And thanks!

First a note, automations are ALWAYS triggered by an event. So looking at things in terms of “if something is this and something else is that then do thus” needs to be adjusted to “when something changes to this and something else is that then do thus”.

Ok, here you go. You can decide if it is worth it…

Use these three automations

Create StatusC and setup the automations following this pattern:

  • When StatusA changes to “approved” and StatusB is “new account”, change StatusC to “NotifySome”

  • When StatusA changes to “approved” and StatusB is “account item increase”, change StatusC to “NotifyOthers”

  • When StatusC changes to “NotifySome”, notify someone

  • When StatusC changes to “NotifyOthers”, notify someone else

  • When StatusB changes to ANYTHING, change StatusC to “Don’t Tell Anyone”