Notify team member when board is created


I’m hoping that someone can help me with this scenario.

When a board is created from a template, I have to leave the automations and integrations on so that they will appear when I create a board from that template later on.

My coworker keeps forgetting to turn off the integrations before importing data. As a result, Outlook events get sent before we’re ready for them to go out.

Is there a way to send an automatic email or Microsoft Teams notification when a board is created from a template?

Looking forward to learning from you!

Hey Molly,

If you’re creating that board through an automation (on another board), you could set up something like this:

That being said, I am afraid if you are manually creating a board from the templates centre, there is no way at this time to notify a team member automatically - I apologise for the setback. This is a great suggestion however, and we encourage you to submit it as a feature request so our other community members can add their vote :pray:

Ah, that’s a good idea. Thanks so much Bianca!

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